What Matters?

As a TD I will have two points of focus: Local and National. National laws and policies are important, but local focus often suffers. I aim to change this trend.

Local Concerns

Worsening Flooding, non-existent funds, slow plans

Particularly over the past 5 years, East and South Galway has been annually hit with worsening floods – destroying houses and farms, and sometimes isolating whole rural communities for months. Many homeowners have been promised relief funds to repair or rebuild their homes and businesses, but someone has spirited those funds away.
Plans for road construction and other flood prevention projects are years behind and are only progressing at a crawl.
This is an issue effecting a large part of Galway County and is slowly effecting more areas, and has gotten to the point of attracting national and international attention. We need representation on the national level to keep the pressure on and help produce novel solutions.

No Bio Gas Refinery in Gort

NOTE: On January 24th, Galway Co. Council announced that they have REJECTED the second planning submission for Gort’s Bio Gas Plant. This issue remains on my website and literature, because they’re definitely going to try again.

In 2018 a foreign firm submitted a plan to build a bio gas refinery within Gort town, resulting in a clear “NO!” from Galway residents and Environmental Scientists. The firm didn’t perform the proper environmental impact assessment and blatantly lied in their plan, so it was rejected. Yet in mid 2019, a plan was resubmitted, and South Galway still says “NO!”. If the plan is not rejected again, we will need to fight it on the national level.

What’s so bad about the planned refinery?

  • Gort – an already congested town – will have several heavy vehicles driving through it, 7 days a week and into the night, to deliver the biological waste the plant requires to function. Noise pollution in general will be through the roof, upsetting the young, elderly, and other vulnerable people.
  • The planned location and method of expelling the waste this plant will produce will endanger the biodiversity of the area, as well as poison the ground water, river water, and air.
  • South-Galway is partial wetland. The soil holds a lot of water due to many factors, including underground rivers. This is why we’re experiencing frequent flooding. Anyone who thinks for a moment can see how digging up 25 acres of soil and replacing it with cement will seriously contribute to flooding.
  • Like most rural areas, the planned site is protected by legislation as a place of archaeological significance – meaning our heritage is buried in the soil. The Department Culture, Heritage, and the Gaeltacht has pointed out that an archeologist must perform an assessment of the area and then be present for every removal of land. It appears the firm has no interest in abiding by this legislation.
  • Gort will lose its beauty and tourism appeal, as the plant will destroy the river and scenic areas – our prized Gort River Walk. And in general, whatever tourism comes to the area will leave, because it will just be some smelly industrial town.
  • The exhaust stacks will tower over Gort’s highest building – our Church. Traditionally, no other building may stand taller than the community Church. We still have a beautiful view of the sky and the 2-storey buildings look generally pleasing to the eye, but just imagine that view being obstructed by this…

National Concerns

Strengthen our families

  • RENUA will introduce a fairer tax system for families. We want to stop
    the wage slavery that forces both parents to work by significantly increasing the Home Carer Tax Credits for families. We want an end to tax individualisation that discriminates against married couples. We are also opposed to the unfair and unnecessary imposition of carbon taxes when there is no alternative for citizens.
  • RENUA will ensure schools and parents can protect their own ethos
    and values. We support parents as the primary educators of their children, be that in a home or school setting. We reject plans to introduce compulsory and radical sex education reforms including teaching ‘porn literacy’ and abortion in schools.
  • RENUA considers child access to online pornography to be a form of child abuse. We will insist on collaboration between parents, internet providers, Gardai and the State to prevent such access and protect our children.
  • RENUA respects human life at all stages. We support pro-life policies and compassionate hospice care as an alternative to euthanasia.
  • RENUA will prioritise mental health and illness prevention. We want
    0% VAT on all health foods and supplements. We want breastfeeding to be properly promoted and supported, especially for mothers returning to work.

Strengthen our communities

  • RENUA takes a very strong approach to law and order. Safe and
    cohesive communities are essential to our quality of life. To create safer communities we must start prioritising the rights of law abiding citizens, not criminals. RENUA want far tougher sentencing of thieves, violent criminals and rapists and reform of bail laws to prevent revolving door offending. Any immigrant found guilty of a serious criminal offence such as murder or rape should be immediately deported.
  • RENUA will insist on fair and affordable immigration. We want a fair and transparent points system, similar to what applies in other countries such as Australia. We want proper border controls and strict security checks. We will stop the massively expensive landlord-lawyer asylum industry and insist on the automatic deportation of fake asylum seekers after one unsuccessful appeal. The millions
    saved will be redirected towards helping the 10,000+ Irish people who are now homeless.
  • RENUA will protect rural towns and villages and the protection of our natural environment from pollution and waste. We want more use of CCTV in litter black-spots and tougher penalties for repeat litter offenders and fly-tippers. We support the expansion of woodlands and the replacement of unnatural mono-cultural pine plantations with wildlife-friendly native broadleaf forests.

Strengthen our country

reland has been poorly managed by politicians who have given us high taxes, bank bailouts, massive debt, political corruption, political correctness and mediocre leadership.

  • RENUA will put taxpayers first. We want smaller, less wasteful and more efficient government and less interference in the lives of citizens. We want a State that is committed to serving Irish citizens, not the interests of the wealthy, of lobbyists, global corporations or the EU. We totally reject political corruption and cronyism and demand that politicians and public servants be held accountable for
    incompetent decisions and waste of tax payers’ money.
  • RENUA will respect Irish citizenship. We want stricter eligibility criteria, the introduction of citizenship tests and the automatic removal of citizenship from anyone who commits a criminal or terrorist offence.
  • RENUA values Ireland’s unique history, heritage, and culture.
    We will insist that Irish history and culture be respected and promoted in schools and not be diluted to suit EU, globalist or multinational interests.
  • RENUA supports Irish entrepreneurs. Ireland is home to 250,000 Irish Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) employing over a million people. While Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) receives a lot of attention, RENUA prioritises measures to help our own home-grown enterprises to grow and prosper.
  • RENUA believes in the nation state and Ireland’s independence.
    We are against further integration of the EU and believe strongly that the EU works best when member countries work together voluntarily to promote economic cooperation rather than as a stepping stone to a federal Europe. RENUA puts the interests of Irish citizens’ first, not big business or Brussels/Berlin.